The Originize Project

We are a group of people who work together because we enjoy it, because we believe in the same things, and we care about what comes next.

We create conversations about Possibility.

We believe that in the pursuit of efficiency and growth, we have forgotten how to have powerful conversations. Inspirational conversations about ideas and possibilities, not goals and tasks.

We believe that these conversations are needed to create a better future in a world challenged by things we do not control, from Coronavirus to Climate Change.

We believe in the unbridled power of human ingenuity

Our Background

We are a group of independent designers, engineers, psychologists and experienced business people.

We work together because we enjoy it, and do better work together than we do separately.

We run our own businesses, but Originize is not a business.

It’s an exploration in search of better.

The Project

We are exploring the relationship between us and our work.

What each might do for the other to create powerful, even beautiful businesses and fulfilled human beings.

You can find an outline here.