The Originize Project

Each one of us is an original. 
There has been no-one quite like us before, nor will there be again after we’ve gone.
We have a unique contribution to make while we’re here.

We find ourselves in a time of extraordinary transition.

It was happening anyway, before Covid-19 but the Pandemic has somehow accelerated it. It has given us a very real time understanding of what real disruption feels like, and a realisation that this disruption is a pale shadow of that which may be wrought by climate change, bio diversity loss and ever increasing inequality.

It is clear that the institutions that got us here will not get us to where we need to go in their current form, and if we are to thrive it will demand the best of every one of us. Not just our effort and ability, but our humanity and our concern for each other.

Welcome to the Originize Project.