We’ve all seen the part of the film where the aircraft is losing height heading towards a mountain range. Everything surplus to requirements is thrown overboard in the hope that enough altitude can be gained to clear the range.

Welcome to the average Board Room right now.

Unless you’re the pilot, the navigator, an engine, or fuel you’re baggage.

It is, as they say, not personal. It’s for the greater good. That may not be a lot of consolation. (I say this with some feeling, As a healthy 69 year old, If I get the virus, I may have very limited options. It’s a weird feeling ceding control)

But we can decide – if we can’t make ourselves critical to survival, make a parachute.

  1. Be clear about what you want. You are unique, and in the right place, with the right people, will make a difference that lasts. 
  2. Use this time to learn something new and relevant to your ambition. Company training is for the company’s benefit, not yours. 
  3. Make your own map, rather than rely on the on you’ve been given. If you do end up leaving by the cargo hold door, have an idea of where you want to land.
  4. Understand your options. We lose sight of the landscape when we don’t have time to look out of the window. Become familiar with the territory you’re passing through.
  5. Build your network around point 1. Find those people you want to travel with, and who can help you with points 2-4.

You might end up on a journey you hadn’t planned. That doesn’t stop it becoming an adventure.