Communication at a Distance

Whilst not everyone has been able to work from home during the Covid 19 outbreak a significant number of us have been doing so. We have saved time on our commute to the office, and the zoom and telephone calls we have made have maybe been more focused. A lot of people saying that they are more productive.

However we live in a heavily interdependent society and we need others to achieve our aims. We are in fact that we are defined by our relationships with others. I heard a prominent entrepreneur say on zoom the other day that one of the key things to his company surviving and thriving under Covid 19 was the relationships he had built up before the pandemic. So maybe it is worth taking a closer look at the way we are communicating and building our relationships at a distance in the current climate.

Conversations can be of various types.

There are those with an agenda, that are focused on achieving a goal or outcome. Others have no agenda, they are unstructured, informal, born out of curiosity and a need to just understand something. Finally there are those more like conversations around the coffee machine, nothing to do with work but discussing how you feel about something, what matters to you. These help define who we are. All are necessary and it is important to ensure we recognise and make sure have all three. However it is the second and third type of conversation that is more likely to build relationships, come up with creative ideas, and maintain mental wellbeing.

Whichever type of conversation you are having when it’s not face-to-face it’s easy to miss some of the more subtle forms of human communication. It is the gestures, the tone of voice, small movements that tell us how a person is feeling about the subject.

As basically all the decisions we make are emotional decisions, being aware of how a person is feeling about something is key. By actively looking, listening and asking the right questions we can have better conversations.

So with this bit of extra time we have got, as well as increasing our productivity, why don’t take the opportunity to focus on the type and quality of the conversations we are having, or maybe talk with someone we wouldn’t normally speak with, and find out how they are feeling. Maybe there is something we can do to help?

One of the things we have been doing at Originize is seeing where conversations can go, and it’s been a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole…..

So make you have the right conversations, and get the most out of the conversations that you do have.

If you want to you are welcome to join ours at www.originize .net

One thought on “Communication at a Distance

  1. Thank you Steve. There are conversations and there is the conversation. The ‘informal’ and the ‘coffee machine’ consistently bear the greatest insights.


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