Increased Uncertainty

As we emerge from Covid 19 the future is probably more uncertain than it has ever been. So I’d like to share a story with you about emotional contagion and how confidence can help.

The scene in the the photo above may not look scary, that is unless you are a horse! This is what I encountered when I was on my way to ride earlier this week. My certainty of a nice ride in the sun was changed to a question of will we get through this hazard? Will my horse spook? Will I fall off and be injured? These may seem like small worries compared with Covid 19, but the brain tends to processes them in a similar way.

So how did things turn out on my ride? What did I do to help?

Horses are extremely sensitive animals, and are highly tuned to our emotions, (non verbal communication). They have to be, they are flight animals and their lives depend on it. Sometimes we forget as humans that our emotions can be just as infectious as virus. So as a leader its important we give off the right emotional signals. My horse was looking to me for leadership, to give her confidence and assurance that all would be fine.

So what actually happened when we came to the roadworks was she hesitated, had a look at the bump, I calmly asked her to walk over it, I gave her a bit of time to think about it, and she decided to walked on. There was no kicking hard, no shouting, or trying to force the issue. It was all about confidence, emotional contagion, mine to her, not the other way around!

I once hear a story that in the army troops would be more likely to follow a commander into battle if they had confidence in him.

So as we come out of Covid 19 let us be aware of the effect our own emotions and confidence can have to inspire others.

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