Balance and Energy

It was a conversation with a wine merchant last week that got me to re-think my idea of balance and then re-reading a horse book helped me make the link with energy. The wine merchant was reflecting that there is a current thought in the wine world that if a wine is high in alcohol, so long as it is high in fruit, then it is balanced and therefor a good wine. He and I did not agree with this, instead being of the opinion that if you have too much alcohol and too much fruit then you missed the precision, focus, and the more subtle and delicate aspects of the wine. So this made me wonder if there is a similar truth of life, if we are balancing say too much work with more intense play are we not just weighing down the scales to the point where they become sluggish and we miss important bits of our lives, or eventually break the scales.

This led me of the description from Mark Rasid of how horses spend their energy , ” the most important part of herd structure and dynamics really boil down to two things. Keeping balance within the herd and conserving as much energy as possible – both as a group and as within each individual”. In general horses conserve their energy for what Mother Nature has programmed into them as being important. That is running away from predators. So again this made me wonder, as humans, should we look at what is really important to us and spend our valuable energy there.

So we can do two things: lighten the load on the balance, and only spend our energy on what is important to us.

I’d like to share with you one of the things that has become important to me over the last few months. I have been spending an hour or so, once per week, on a zoom call with seven other people, most of whom I did not know beforehand. We talk about what we have been noticing. These conversations are proving to be incredibly powerful. We all have different backgrounds, but an urge to share our experiences and observation with each other. Just recently we have been trying to describe this type of conversation, and one of the things about them is the energy that the group generates and how good and inspired it makes us feel at the end of the session. As a group we feel it would be incredibly selfish to keep this to ourselves, so for the next session we are inviting others to join us, though we are limiting it to 50 people. If you I are interested you can register via the link below.