Catalysts – Weaving the Future

From Confused to Catalyst Right now, we are facing multiple challenges that will yield a variety of threats and opportunities. They are classic “Wicked” challenges – they are multi faceted, linked and adapt as they are tackled. There are no neat, packaged linear solutions, just agile actions from which we can learn through success andContinue reading “Catalysts – Weaving the Future”

Creating Catalysts of the Future

We are made from what came before. We make ourselves out of the promises that lie ahead. And we are always in the process of becoming. Jacquline Novogratz. Manifesto for a Moral Revolution. The elements of change build up, little by little and seem to be just minor changes on what was true yesterday. AContinue reading “Creating Catalysts of the Future”

Uncertainty, Catalysts and AntiFragility.

“How did you go bankrupt?”Two ways. Gradually, then Suddenly”  Ernest Hemingway, The Sun also Rises We can’t go over it,We can’t go under it.Oh no!We’ve got to go through it! Michael Rosen. Going on a Bear Hunt. From local bonfires to global forest fire What’s happening has been happening gradually for a while. Sparks fallingContinue reading “Uncertainty, Catalysts and AntiFragility.”

The Machine Part Fallacy

Right now, huge amounts of effort, airtime and emotion are being expended over how fair the exam results are for our children who have not been able to sit formal exams due to the disruption caused by our reactions to COVID. We are obsessed by how this years results might compare to last years results,Continue reading “The Machine Part Fallacy”

Effortless Beauty

It turns out that what drives us is not that much different from what drives every other organism on the planet – and probably beyond. We crave connection to others – to be part of a group, at the same time as we crave autonomy – the freedom to make our own decisions. Resolving thisContinue reading “Effortless Beauty”

Standing on the Sun

Just a moment ago, in the sixteenth century, Copernicus caused a bit of a stir. He postulated that the Sun was the centre of the Solar System, rather than the Earth. Cue much huffing and puffing by Ptolemy and the Establishment. It was a Paradigm Shift. It was a revolution in the making. Paradigm shiftContinue reading “Standing on the Sun”

The negative scale effect..

Scale is so alluring. All that coverage, all that income. Scaling is an industry. Growth Coaches, Scale up Experts. 1.3 billion items listed on Google. Craft Coaching. Much less popular. 64 million listed on Google. Yet craft is where it all starts. Somewhere, right at the beginning of the product or service was someone dedicatedContinue reading “The negative scale effect..”