ReWilding Leadership Conversations

Isabella Tree’s book “Wilding“, about the journey of returning a large estate to the Wild. The battless that were fought with both officialdom and neighbours is a testament to vision, character and determination and the book deservedly became a best seller. We are strange animals, us humans. We have developed sufficient hubris to believe weContinue reading “ReWilding Leadership Conversations”

Over the edge into 2021

As we teeter to the end of 2020 and into an uncertain 2021 I realised I’d seen it somewhere before. Around fifty years ago, with the film “The Italian Job”, which ends with the bus, full of gold, balanced precariously over the edge of a cliff following a crash, and Michael “Boris” Cain looking forContinue reading “Over the edge into 2021”

Catalysts – Weaving the Future

From Confused to Catalyst Right now, we are facing multiple challenges that will yield a variety of threats and opportunities. They are classic “Wicked” challenges – they are multi faceted, linked and adapt as they are tackled. There are no neat, packaged linear solutions, just agile actions from which we can learn through success andContinue reading “Catalysts – Weaving the Future”

Creating Catalysts of the Future

We are made from what came before. We make ourselves out of the promises that lie ahead. And we are always in the process of becoming. Jacquline Novogratz. Manifesto for a Moral Revolution. The elements of change build up, little by little and seem to be just minor changes on what was true yesterday. AContinue reading “Creating Catalysts of the Future”

Uncertainty, Catalysts and AntiFragility.

“How did you go bankrupt?”Two ways. Gradually, then Suddenly”  Ernest Hemingway, The Sun also Rises We can’t go over it,We can’t go under it.Oh no!We’ve got to go through it! Michael Rosen. Going on a Bear Hunt. From local bonfires to global forest fire What’s happening has been happening gradually for a while. Sparks fallingContinue reading “Uncertainty, Catalysts and AntiFragility.”

The Machine Part Fallacy

Right now, huge amounts of effort, airtime and emotion are being expended over how fair the exam results are for our children who have not been able to sit formal exams due to the disruption caused by our reactions to COVID. We are obsessed by how this years results might compare to last years results,Continue reading “The Machine Part Fallacy”