Originize Conversations

It is quite humbling to accept that we don’t know.

That a world that had become increasingly complicated has tipped over into huge complexity and for many, even chaos. People, from politicians to consultants, who have been the “answers” business no longer know, though are reluctant to say so.

What will corporsations look like in an age when technology offers alternative ways of organizing ourselves? Indeed, will there be a need for them at all?

What will the nature of work become as technology and disruptions in the natural world transform our relationships with it?

If this is the end of the industrial era, how do we surf whatever is coming next and prepare our children for it?

This is a time when we have no choice other than to find people we trust and take a long, slow look at the issues we face as individuals and communities, make choices and work to bring them to reality.

Starting in July, our conversations will be around the changing nature of work, exploring these questions. They will be conversations without agenda.

We have been having these sorts of conversations for the last year with a range of very different people, as we’ve provided a safe space to talk about risky things and now we want to extend them further.

There is no charge, just bring your curiosity and generosity.

To register, just sign up here

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