Who we are

Geoff Dooley

Geoff’s  mission is to infuse a learning orientation into how work gets done in organisations. He is an experienced capability development consultant with a track record of leading change in Ireland and internationally. His expertise lies in creating the space for leaders and their organisations to discover a context for their success. He does this by facilitating a vision of a better future to emerge, enabling access to the capabilities and resources required for achieving that future and by bringing accountability to the execution process.

geoff@geoffdooley.ie www.geoffdooley.ie

Martin Knox

Designer. Beekeeper

Seer of potentials

Creative thinker

Solver of problems

Tweaker of egos

Enemy of the ordinary

Crusader against mediocrity

Shaker of foundations

Speaker of truths

Challenger of crapness.

mjk@mknox.co.uk www.mknox.co.uk

Ciaran J. Duggan

I am Ciaran Duggan; I live in rural Ireland with the love of my life Annette with whom I have five wonderful twenty-something independent children and where I tend the land my ancestors have for the last three hundred years. I have pursued many family, community and business ventures in life up to this point with varyingdegrees of success and failure. I use the insights I have gained to assist others in their endeavours whenever possible.


Stephen Done

Stephen Done – I started my career as a scientist and engineer (too much meccano as a child).I spent the middle part of my life, 23yrs, in industry and management, building and inventing things. Of late I have trained as a coach, and I now helps people and companies be their best through creative means. I have a Hanovarian horse who teaches me much on communication and leadership.


David McLean

Warrior | Psychotherapist | Philosopher

Science woke me up and spirituality enlightened me. Facilitating the growth of joy, autonomy, clarity and expansiveness to the people who are ready to hear it.


Richard H.Merrick

Writer, Mentor, Convenor of Conversatrions

Steve Jobs once said that we cannot join the dots looking forward, only looking back, Søren Kierkegaard said that Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forwards.

I help people identify the dots in their lives and businesses – the trends, events, and ideas that seem likely to shape the future to live confidently in the present without being held in the past or fearful of the future.

richard@richardmerrick.co.uk www.richardmerrick.co.uk